THE start

I founded g after getting very sick in 2016. I had a few hard years personally and professionally and found myself in a deep, deep state of anxiety and depression. (A divorce, move and career shift will do that to you, huh?) After getting treatment and back on my feet, I decided to write out a list of things that I honestly wanted to do with my life. (I really like lists.) Some of the things I wrote were pipe dreams like, write a memoir, but other goals were smaller, more achievable, like "start making jewelry again." 


I've been designing jewelry for over 10 years. I had a line in college called Merebelle. (Mother lovely in French. So créatif!) In middle school I made plastic and glass pieces for (maybe two) friends. Crafting jewelry is something I know how to do, but more importantly, something I really love to do. When I wrote "Start making jewelry" down on the list, I already had a clear picture of what I wanted the jewelry to look like. I wanted to make simple, fun pieces out of clay, and string them on leather. Super simple. Done and done. I went out that day and bought clay, and made my very first g jewelry piece. And as they say, le reste est l'histoire! 

special thanks


First, I'd like to thank my father, Michael Greene, for whom this line is named after. (g, for his and my last name, Greene). Growing up we didn't have a lot of money, yet, my father bought me boxes and boxes of beads, tools and wire. Dad, you are the reason I know how to make jewelry at all. I'm forever grateful to you for your continued support of me and my creative endeavors. 


I'd also like to thank my girlfriend Keagan. Keagan was and is my biggest cheerleader in all the things I pursue in life. She's my person, my everything. Every piece of jewelry I put out is possible because I am supported and loved by you, Keagan. You being my love in this life is my favorite dream come true.


Lastly, I'd like to thank my children. Even though they can't read, I adore them and they belong on this list. Gigi and Margot, you two jelly beans are my greatest creations of all.